How do I get an address in the USA?
You sign up and you will then get an address, not a P.O. Box, as most stores do not ship to P.O. Boxes.
How much  do I have to pay for my US address?
Your US address is practically FREE. The $ 20 registration fee will be credited to the first order.
Why do I need an US address?
With an US address you can buy at any store, also those who do not ship to foreign countries . Many stores do not accept foreign credit cards.  
Contact your credit card company and request they add your US address to your card, so you can use your card to pay for your purchases.
What advantages do I have with my US address?
Small purchases from different stores will be consolidated and repacked, which saves shipping costs.  
Your order ids being checked. Incorrect or broken items can be returned within the US. Returning articles from outside the US is difficult and very expensive.
What advantage offers USA1STOPShoppings personal shopping service?
Of course every advantage our freight forwarding service offers. We buy locally from large shopping chains, i. e. The Gap, Best Buy, Wal-mart etc. which saves inland freight.
We buy from  "Warehouse Clubs" i.e. SAMS CLUB.
How do I pay?

We accept American Express, Visa and Master Card. You also can pay with PayPal.

How is my order being shipped?
All items are being repacked in plain wrapper boxes. To reduce weight we take shoes out of the original box and repack in either paper or plastic. We then ship your order according to your wishes , either USPS ( slower but cheapest) or UPS ( quicker but more expensive). You will receive an e-mail from us with information on how to track your package.
Is my package insured?
If you buy through your own US address: Shipments up to $ 100, within the US, are insured with no cost to you.  You may increase the insurance if the total worth is over $ 100. We take  responsibility for your order during the time it is in our possession. Your package is insured for overseas shipment up to $ 100. You may choose to increase the coverage up to the total value of the merchandise.
If you use   "Personal Shopper"  :
We take responsibility for the items we buy locally .When we order your items , shipments within the US are insured up to $100 at no charge, if over $ 100 and you would like to insure the total value, please notify us. We take responsibility for your order during the time it is in our possession. Each package we send overseas is also insured for up to $ 100 free of charge . You may choose to increase the coverage up to the total value of the merchandise.
How long does it take for my order to arrive at my house?
Most companies ship the order the same or next day, provided the item is in stock. Within the USA shipping takes one day (supplier is located in Florida), up to seven days (supplier is located in California). We need 1 - 2 days to prepare your order for shipment. USPS Priority MailŪ International takes about 7 to 14 days, so please count on approximately 3 weeks for delivery.
I would like to receive my order quicker. Is that possible?
Yes, you can order overnight, 1 day (very expensive) or 2nd day air (expensive). We need 1-2 days to prepare your order. We ship your order UPS (3 days expensive) and you should have your items within 7 days delivered.
Do I have to pay import duty? and local taxes?
Please contact your local custum's office in regards to duty and taxes.
Do I have to pay US sales tax?
The US prices are offered without sales tax as every state has its own sales tax rates. Sales tax in Florida is 6.5 %. This applies to stores with branches in Florida.
What happens with my personal information?
Your personal information will be stored in a secure off-line computer. We do not share our clients information with a third party. You will not receive spam mail through us.

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